University supports North East Scotland Green Freeport bid

CQ9游戏官方网站 has thrown its support behind a major regional alliance bid to transform the region into the 'Net Zero Capital of Europe'.

教授乔治·博因河, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the CQ9游戏官方网站, added his backing to the formal bid launched today (星期五day 10 小君e) by a major regional alliance for green freeport status for cq9电子游戏竞技平台 and Peterhead.

The University is one of the suppprters of the North East Scotland Green Freeport consortium applying to secure one of two 'freeport' locations that will be announced for Scotland later this year. 

A Green Freeport is a large zoned area that includes a rail, sea or airport and which can benefit from tax and other incentives. They are designed to boost innovation, growth and create new green jobs.


“The North East Scotland Green Freeport bid represents a major opportunity for our region, 以及大学, in terms of developing innovation and skills across many important aspects of the energy transition.

“Through our cq9电子游戏竞技平台 2040 strategy we have a clear ambition to equip individuals and industry with the skills needed as part of the journey to a net zero future, and through our Centre for Energy Transition we are harnessing the expertise of our world-leading academics to deliver technological innovation that will support industry and promote economic growth.

“We are proud to work with our partners across the north-east on this bid as we believe that the Green Freeport has the potential to be transformative for the region, 苏格兰和英国.”

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