cq9电子游戏竞技平台的研究是让伟大的头脑一起工作. 它以挑战为导向,并具有影响力, and often requires an interdisciplinary approach to address the great research challenges of our age: energy transition, 社会包容和文化多样性, 数据与人工智能, 环境和生物多样性, 和健康, 营养和健康.

These interdisciplinary challenges represent research areas of historic and emerging excellence that are capable of supporting a diverse research portfolio and delivering globally excellent and measurable benefits to society, 经济与健康. 此外,这些挑战反映了cq9电子游戏竞技平台为支持联合国所做的工作 可持续发展目标 与一系列利益相关者合作.


John Underhill - Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for 能源过渡

约翰·安德希尔的照片John Underhill is the Academic Executive Director of the UK Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) entitled GeoNetZero (GNZ).  由英国研究与创新(UKRI)资助, the latter is a £5M industry-academic collaboration between 12 Universities and 8 industry partners that is exploring the role of Geoscience for the Low Carbon 能源过渡 and Challenge to meet Net Zero emission targets.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Geological Society’s Lyell Medal Silver Medal of the Geological Society’s Energy Group, 爱丁堡地质学会颁发的克劳夫奖章, and European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) Alfred Wegener and Distinguished Lecturer Awards and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) George C. 马特森,格罗弗·E. 穆雷杰出教育家奖和齐亚德·贝杜恩奖. 

他是欧洲地球科学家协会的主席 & 工程师(EAGE) 2011-12年. John has previously held professorial posts at The University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University, 他是他们的首席科学家. John was also a member of the UK Energy Minister's Technology Leadership Board (TLB) and currently populates the UK Exploration Task Force (XTF) and the Scottish Government’s Science Advisory Council (SSAC).

远离学术生活, 约翰是国际足联的职业足球裁判, 他是欧洲冠军联赛的裁判, internationals and Scottish Premier League games including those at Pittodrie, 1994 - 2008之间.


“The 能源过渡 is one of the most significant global challenges that we face. 简单地说, cq9电子游戏竞技平台如何确保灯一直亮着, 本港能源供应继续, 在满足采暖需求的同时,还能实现工业脱碳, 运输及其他界别?

“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to join the CQ9游戏官方网站 as Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for 能源过渡 and lead its efforts to address, critically evaluate and seek the right solutions that ensure we retain energy supply as we decarbonise.

“I see the Centre being a catalyst for change whereby the University can draw and build upon its expertise, collaborate across the research and training landscape and partner with Industry, 当地政府和其他利益相关方, 国家和国际社会.

“Having been pivotal for the energy industry and wealth creation and quality of life that the UK has enjoyed over the past half century, the city of cq9电子游戏竞技平台 and greater north east region is uniquely placed to help shape and deliver the transition that it is required.

“I am absolutely delighted to take on this leadership role at such an esteemed University, 并期待着朝着公正的目标而努力, 公平 and affordable transition that protects jobs and livelihoods on the journey to meet net zero emission targets.”

Eleonora Belfiore - Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for 社会包容与文化多样性

Eleonora Belfiore的照片Eleonora Belfiore从拉夫堡大学加入cq9电子游戏竞技平台, where she was Professor of Communication and Media Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for 研究 in Communication and Culture, having previously been Reader in Cultural 政策 Studies at Warwick University. 她发表了大量cq9电子游戏竞技平台文化政治和政策的文章, and particularly the place that notions of the ‘social impacts’ of the arts have had in British cultural policy discourses.

她是世界文化价值研究领域的领军人物之一, and was Co-Director of Studies of the Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value (2013-5), 也是其颇具影响力的最终报告的合著者, 英国:浓缩的文化, 创造力和增长, 发表于2015年2月. 对于帕尔格雷夫, 她主编了《CQ9游戏官方网站》系列丛书, 到目前为止已经出版了16卷, 她是《CQ9游戏官方网站》杂志的主编之一.

Eleonora is developing new research on the labour conditions of socially engaged arts practice supported by a British Academy/Leverhulme grant. She is also Co-investigator in a project on the creative industries and development in Ghana funded by Danida, 丹麦国际开发署. Eleonora致力于促进平等, 高等教育多元化和包容, and she is one of the founding members of the Women In Academia 支持 Network, 一个包容和交叉的慈善机构,汇集了超过12人,000 women and non-binary members from across the world to support one another and pushes for gender parity and more equitable working conditions in Higher Education.


“I am absolutely thrilled to join the CQ9游戏官方网站 at such an exciting point in the development of its new research vision and strategy.

“建立五大雄心, interdisciplinary research centres to deal with the great challenges that face the world, cq9电子游戏竞技平台的气候, our economy and our society as we slowly begin to emerge from a long pandemic is a bold and important move.

“我很荣幸能成为这一愿景的一部分, and to lead the Interdisciplinary Centre for 社会包容与文化多样性, working with colleagues across the University to realise the potential of the Arts, 人文社会科学引领cq9电子游戏竞技平台社会的进步变革.

“作为一个热衷于文化之间联系的学者, 社会与公共政策, the focus of the Centre on inclusion and diversity is a perfect match for the values that have driven my work to date.

“I look forward to the opportunity to position the Centre as an internationally recognised home for interdisciplinary, co-produced and society oriented research that aspires to create social change in collaboration with local, 国家和国际合作伙伴.”

Georgios Leontidis - Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for 数据与人工智能

georos Leontidis的照片乔治斯是一位TEDx演讲者, an Engineer and Computer Scientist and holds MSc and PhD degrees in Machine 学习. 他于2020年3月加入CQ9游戏官方网站, after spending several years at the University of Lincoln’s School of Computer Science. While at Lincoln he held several internal roles and positions and played an instrumental role in enhancing the reputation of the School and expanding the Machine 学习 研究 Group, 通过吸引著名的奖学金和学生. Georgios also spent time in industry working as a Senior Data Scientist in IBA Dosimetry GmbH in Germany. 

Georgios has been conducting world-leading activity on foundational elements of Machine 学习 for more than a decade, being active in the international community both as an author and senior programme committee for flagship AI venues including NeurIPS, AAAI和IJCAI.  他的核心学科研究活动是深度学习, 胶囊神经网络, 领域适应气候变化, 和self-supervised学习, Georgios has been conducting cutting-edge research across several interdisciplinary applications, 如对农产品软果产量的预测, 数据共享, 以及供应链优化, 核反应堆扰动分析与异常检测, 燃气轮机的可用性, 医学图像分析, 智能制冷系统优化, 环境数据归责, 计算机视觉, 等, 所有这些项目都获得了包括EPSRC在内的多个来源的资助, NERC, EU-FP7, EU-H2020, 英国创新, 和行业. 

EPSRC的完全同行评议学院成员, UKRI未来领袖研究员小组学院成员, Georgios was invited and participated in AI workshops organised by UKRI as part of its AI review exercise and was a member of the UK AI council’s 数据共享 working group. He recently co-organised with SICSA a pan-Scotland AI all-hands event and has been supporting several aspects of the development of Scotland’s AI playbook. He is currently a Senior Expert with the NERC Constructing a Digital Environment Expert Network and his recent TEDx talk focused on how Data & 人工智能可以帮助cq9电子游戏竞技平台的可持续未来.


“数据与人工智能 (AI) technologies are uniquely placed to provide solutions to complex societal challenges requiring interdisciplinary approaches spanning multiple disciplines – from computer science and engineering, 社会科学, 心理学, 业务, 医疗和教育. 

“发展中表现良好, 公平, trustworthy and cyber-secure AI systems with a proper governance structure and a suitable policy framework, 同时处理大量的多模态数据, 仍然是一个被严重低估的开放和多方面的挑战. 

“通过cq9电子游戏竞技平台2040战略, the University is well placed to use its remarkable amount of academic expertise working across various areas of AI to play a major role in responding to societal challenges with effective solutions, 以及支持国家AI战略. 

“把大学建设成为世界领先的数据中心 & 人工智能研究和创新中心需要集体, 透明和参与的方式, and my main priority is to create a vibrant and supportive environment for active interdisciplinary research.  I would encourage both academic and professional services staff at the University to actively engage in our activities.”

珍nie Macdiarmid - Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for 健康、营养和福利

珍妮·麦克迪尔米德的照片聂gained a BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Food Science degree from the University of Surrey and went on to complete a PhD in 心理学 and dietary habits at the University of Leeds. After her PhD she worked for the International Obesity Task Force before joining The Rowett Institute at the CQ9游戏官方网站.

While at the Rowett she conducted research on public health nutrition and policy before going on to develop a new interdisciplinary area of research, bringing together nutrition and climate change to understand the principles of healthy diets with low greenhouse gas emissions.

她发表了这一领域的第一篇论文, 是什么引发了政府间的争论, 行业和非政府组织. 2017年,她被授予可持续营养与健康主席职位. Throughout her career she has worked across disciplines and in recognition of her work in 2021 she was awarded the Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary 研究.


“I am very excited about my new post as the Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for 健康、营养和福利.

“Many of the greatest challenges facing the world today need multiple disciplines to work together to find solutions and the centre can support this type of research. 我的目标是帮助创造新的, 以及支持现有的, interdisciplinary projects and introduce it into teaching across the University.

“Working together with the directors of the other interdisciplinary centres we will stimulate new exciting collaborations and help train the next generation of researcher in interdisciplinary approaches to address important questions.”